OVPN -> Road Warrior

Good day,

is it possible to realize a port forwarding from RED to a Road Warrior?

If yes, could someone give me a hint how this can be realized?

Thanks in advance

I really gave all. I ran around it, I shook it and in between I even bit the keyboard. None of it helped. Crystalball out of order. I still have not understood what you mean.

I suggest to consider to give a more precise description what you wanna do :wink:

Anyway a very blind try…

Advanced client options --> IPFire has access to these networks on the client’s site

correct me if i am wrong.

A computer connects via OpenVPN to IPFire, The connection will be established and mantained quite long.
Then, create a port forwarding from a port on one red interface to a port on the virtual IP Address of the OpenVPN connection.

Is this what you’re looking for?

I think it means that you want to access the Client machine that makes the connection request through the OpenVPN Client to IPFire.

In this case (if this is the case), yes, yes, the communication is bidirectional. From a Green Interface PC, you have to attack the “RoadWarrior” team by the IP given by the OpenVPN Server of the IPFire. To find out what IP this RoadWarrior PC has, you should look at “Services -> OpenVPN -> OpenVPN Connection Statistics” (For the RoadWarrior PC IP to appear, this RoadWarrior computer must be connected to OpenVPN).

If this is not the need you have, give us more information.


Hi Tulpenknicker,

sorry for my sparse description!

I am looking for a solution that Pike_It has described.

Thanks a lot

Hi Pike,

yes, that is exactly the solution I am looking for.

I’ll get right on it and try that. I’ll let you know if I get it working.

Thanks a lot