Openvpn trouble after upgrade to core 159

After my today’s upgrade of iPFire to core 159 my openVPN connection is working only partially.
My app on my iPhone is telling me that a openvpn connection is established. Also the WebUI of iPFire is telling me that an openvpn connection to a road warrior is established.

I can access my DMZ server by a simple time.php script.

However, I cannot access any html page on my DMZ server, not even the simplest index.html.

I was not able to identify any relevant error message in the iPFire log files.
I also checked the 700 permissions of all directories: All look OK.

Can you help me to debug my problem, please?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Problem is solved: After a complete power-down cycle and reboot of my router, openvpn was working again :grinning:

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