OpenVPN certificate update

One of my OpenVPN client certificate is about to expire.

How can I create a new certficate without deleting/adding the whole configuration?

You will need to delete the old connection and then create a new connection with the same settings. You can’t update the certificate alone. However the new connection will have the same ovpn settings but just with a new set of certificate files.

Then you will need to replace those certificate files in the client. The ovpn configuration file can stay as it is unless you have embedded the certificate parts into the ovpn file in the client in which case those will need to be updated in the config file.

I deleted the certificates to get rid of the warning, but it was impossible to upload the files to the client, is this feature broken?
Thanks for your support,

Is your client a Windows, Linux or Android client.

My experience is only with Linux using the Network Manager GUI with OpenVPN plugin or Android using the OpenVPN for Android app.

Could you give more details of how you tried to install the files into your client.

Hello Adolf,
I have IPFire 2.27.160 on all my three sites, all connected with net2net.
I manage OpenVPN with the GUI in Ipfire, so there’s is where I download the server .zip and upload to the client.
Do you do that in a different way?
It’s become so painful with IpFire, I’d like to find a different solution.
However, I need to be able to access remote hosts from each site.

Hallo Gian,

Sorry, I misunderstood. I thought you were trying to upload a client package to a Road Warrior but you are using Net to Net.

I don’t use that myself but there has been a thread which I believe is covering your issue and a bug has been raised. The thread gives some workarounds until the bug can be fixed.

The thread below also