OPENVPN access local networks but cant surf on internet


When I am connected to OPENVPN I can surf local networks but I cant go on internet. What I have configured wrong ?

Also I can find everything on network cameras etc but can not find local printers that are normally visible on local network

Any help will be appreciated
Thank you

Hi @anormalman

You can see in your computer what static routes are defined putting in CMD “route print”.


You must compare this conected with OpenVPN and not conected to see what is the diference.

When you are conected by OpenVPN, OpenVPN client put one line for routing to OpenVPN Server (if you mark one in Advanced Options --> Client has access to these networks on IPFire’s site).

Tell us something.



Thank you for your reply

From my computer situated on the green network I got this results for CMD route print

After I connect my computer to 4G enable OPENVPN I get this

With the same openvpn client from android I can access the green network and I can not go out to internet …
but from my windows 10 I cant access green network neither internet

Any help will be appreciated