One question, what does ClamAv addon currently provide?

What advantages does the ClamAv addon provide? Apart from consuming a lot of memory, is there something you should know?

I’m about to remove this addon from all my machines because I don’t know if it contributes anything.

You will tell me.

Greetings and thank you very much.

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You can find a good description of ClamAV in the Wiki:

I’ve already disabled this add-on, I see no benefit at all, at least for my private LAN. May be for some business users it is still the way to go to pre filter certain trojans and more before they reach the client machines.

Since I’m running Windows Defender on all my PCs I guess ClamAV is certainly overhead or useless in my specific case. Windows Defender does recognize much more threats than ClamAV ever has and will because of its architecture while filtering internet traffic.

The benefit is to deplete possible attack vectors as much as possible
before they reach client / server machines,
not after they have entered the filesystems already -
independent of state of maintenance etc.

And it’s open source.

@ Hellfire:
If you trust M$ that much,
and Windows Firewall and Defender do the job perfectly to your needs,
why are you running an open source firewall like IPFire at all?