NTP / Updates not working behind Fritz.Box

Hello Community,

I have been using a TP-Link Router in front of IPFire for several years know without having any problems. Last week I exchanged the TP-Link Router through a Fritz.Box 7520. Since then I cannot update IPFire anymore via pakfire (HTTP-Status-Error 500 / Name or service not known) and a sync with the time servers (NTP) is not possible as well.

I really would appreciate it if someone is able to help me.

Thank you



welcome to the IPFire community.

Your issue sounds like it is related to DNS and a nasty bug (or feature) of modern FritzBoxes dropping all UDP traffic to the DNS root servers.

Could you please try using DNS over TLS (please refer to the documentation for further details) and report if this changes anything?

Thanks, and best regards,
Peter Müller

Hello Peter,

your hint worked well for me. After changing the protocol from UDP to TLS the IPFire made the update. Really seems to be a strange behaviour of the Fritz.Box :thinking:

Great and thanks for your fast reply.