NTP update not working well

Hi, I have setup Ipfire to automatically update the time settings each day from 0.ipfire.pool.ntp.org or 1.ipfire.pool.ntp.org and to act as the NTP time server to all green systems.

The local machines can all get the time from the firewall but it would seem that the firewall is not updating correctly and since the systems have different NTP update periods (that I have no control of) they are sometimes different causing “make” to complain.

Any suggestions ?

I’ve encountered during last few days (thursday, friday) some NTP data issues (updating from NTP server caused wrong time on the Virtualizer, OS, or appliance), using NTP servers in Europe, and only on a couple of system
Maybe it’s unrelated…

In my case, (v149), NTP has never worked as a proper NTP client, only as a SNTP client which updates hourly. Is Ipfire meant to do full NTP?

NTP depends on what your configuration asks to IpFire…

Interesting …

I should have added that if I update the time manually (while still
configured to update automatically) it always seems to update OK.


you may want to add your NTP configuration (menu Services > Time Server) and your NTP messages (menu Logs > System Logs >> Section NTP) to this thread to help debug.

All done as above but Ipfire is still not a true NTP client. (it is a Simple NTP client - SNTP)
Once an hour (the shortest interval allowed) my firewall does a hard time synch to the chosen upstream server and then proceeds to drift off frequency for an hour until the next update.

A true NTP client will want to see multiple upstream servers and then will start off synching to them at 64 second intervals and as the internal clock adjusts itself, will slow to about every 17 minutes.

This might help:

It adds a few lines to ntp.conf to make it act as you expected.

(Attachment log.dat is missing)

log.zip (1.24 KB)

Did this help?

Sadly - No

Ha! You’re going to need to give better hints on what is happening on your side. This is hard to fix otherwise…


ls -al /etc/ntp

and post the results.

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