No suitable video mode found on install

upon trying to install ipfire on a;
ibm system x3650 m2 single cpu 32gb ram installed with 2x 500gb sas drives and 1 146gb sas drive
on loading to boot cd i made (install worked fine on other server im swapping the servers around due to other server being more powerfull and wanting it for a debian server running a few vm’s)
i get the following error ;
no suitable video mode found on install
booting in to blind mode. any asstance would be appreciated

There is a text based install available by interrupting the boot somehow, probably escape key. IT is vaguely mentioned here, near the bottom.

Even when I chose the text based one it still shows up the same error, that’s what is confusing me

Page 113 Legacy Support perhaps?

114 is more video options…I’ve never used one of those servers. Is there something similar to Dell iDRAC where you can login to a mgmt OOB gui and open a local video console in a web browser?