No PKCS12 file? (But Pam)

I am just trying to set up a Roadwarrior connection trough Blue with a Windows 10 client.
I followed the Wiki ( ) but got stuck at “Download PKCS12 file” (diskette)".

There is no PKCS12 File… there is a PAM File. Everything on this page is a PAM File. So how do I get a PKCS12 File from it? I know I can extract with openssl a cert file from pam. And I know I can make a p12 file with a cert and a key file. But can I extract the key file trough pam? Or is the key file the password?

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If you get a pem file the connection is configured net2net and not host2net.

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EDIT: Have overseen that you spoke about IPSec, have deleted my comment.



In that case I just found a minor Bug.

If the Password you are using, contains a ; the password seems not to be saved. In that case it creates a pam file. If you use any other symbol it works no matter how long the password is (Only tested till 100 characters).

I should say that I did not have a look on what the filesystem and logs says about this.

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Please open a bug:

Already done :wink: