No HDD found when trying to install IPFire on Hyper-V


I have recently installed IPFire v 2.27 core 172 on virtual environment ( Hyper V on Win Server 2008 R2). If I try to upgrade to core 173 or 174, after reboot failed to start. If I try to install directly core 173 or core 174 it says “No HDD found” in Disk setup screen. I read that it is recommended installation on physical machine but for the moment I have to use it on virtual environment. What has changed from core 172 to core 173 and 174 that is not working anymore on hyper v?

Thank you!

The most critical change is a kernel update from 5.15 to 6.1 …
But HYPERV_STORAGE is enabled as module. Maybee it is missing in the ramdisk again…


Is there any solution to make the update? My actual problem is that I have 3 subnets linked to IPFIRE proxy. In the subnet where is the server installed everything is working ok. In the other 2 subnets it works bad and with connection intreruptions. When the internet is not working on that 2 subnetworks the ipfire server does not even respond to ping from there. I created a firewall rule to allow trafic in those subnets but there ar still problems. I want to update to see if the problem solves, but if you have any suggestion regarding my problem I can try to fix on this version.
Thank you!

I have checked the initial ramdisk and the hv_storsvc module is present so this must have an other reason. Please open a bug for this.

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