No connection to ISP (using PPPoE)

Hi - I’m a newbie - as at May 2024. I hope you do not hurt yourself as you shake your head when trying to help me. sigh
I have tried over several days to get a connection using IPFire (2.29 x86_64 core update 185). To keep things as simple as possible, I am setting up Red and Green only.

My ISP uses PPPoE connections. Before trying to setup IPFire, I normally connect my ONT (fiber terminator) to my own router (D-Link DIR-882). There is no issue with MAC addresses since I have no issues swapping the router with the Orbi router supplied by the ISP.
Settings on the D-Link that may be relevant are:
Connection type: Dynamic IP (PPPoE)
MAC address: EC:AD:…etc (not relevant)
IP address: (not relevant - it changes)
Subnet Mask: (weird! not
Default gateway:
Primary DNS Server:
Secondary … :

There is a VLAN settings page on the router that has an Internet VLAN id of 10. Other VLAN settings are all zero.

IPFire installs without issue (having chosen RED Interface option
PPP DIALUP (PPPoE, modem, ATM …)
I can both log in as root on the IPFire box and also connect to the WebGUI on the Green interface (via https://ipfire:444).
The first thing I did on the GUI was to go into System/Dialup and add a profile. I add my username and password for the ISP.

System home on the line beside the “Internet” shows
Idle - profile-name

I have no connection to the internet. From the console, if I ping I get “no connection”. And obviously, there is no network connection from the computer on the Green interface.

Any ideas on what I should do next?

Set the connection type on the Dialup profile page to “VDSL” (this uses PPPoE over VLAN) and configure the VLAN 10

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Hi Arne
You are a champion! That worked perfectly.
Thanks for your fast response.