No access to servers in LAN using dynamic DNS domains - Traefik 2.2.0 - Docker swarm

Hello everyone,

I have set up a RPi cluster and used docker swarm with IPFire before without issues, to make services like nextcloud or other applications available using dynamic DNS on

The services like the nextcloud or traefik dashboard or using the domains (e.g. or are accessible from users on the internet, but if I try to connect from my LAN network using nothing works, the page loads endlessly.

This means that to access my nextcloud I have to connect to my mobile hotspot, instead of my LAN.

Can anyone point to troubleshooting measures?

Hm I don’t know why it looks like it rotates in a circle, but you may solve this with host entries in ipfire.

Hello, thank you for the reply.

So I would enter the external domains to the docker swarm manager IP, like this?

Domain will be:
Hostnames will be: nextcloud, traefik etc.

Host IP the local IP of the device running the service.
After that any local communication request to the defined hosts is supposed to work.

Thanks a lot for your time.
Excluding DNS issues, I finally found the issue.
For docker users here, the ingress network uses the same subnet of my LAN, this was giving issues.

Here is how I changed the subnet

docker swarm init
docker network rm ingress
docker network create -d overlay --subnet= --ingress --opt --opt encrypted=true ingress