NFS compatibility kodi/libnfs

Maybe you can look at the logs also on the kodi machine. It should have too tail installed, so with a parallel ssh session, you can try to see what’s going on also over there.

EDIT: Is odroid using an SD card? If yes, maybe the card is failing and this strange behavior is an hardware problem. A 3/4 years use of an SD card as an alternative to a real disk should kill even the best brand with a wear-leveling firmware. Those mass storage device are not made to be a disk.

This explains the low port. Kodi uses libnfs to open a share and as documented on their github page the port number choice depends on the root status. Since Kodi in the large majority of cases run as a non-root user, the insecure option becomes mandatory on the server side.

Yes it is on an SD card. Maybe. Well I though using NFS and avoiding as much as possible writes to the SD card would preserve it.

I don’t see any thing in the log of kodi. I see the rpc.mount port on Ipfire and then kodi freezes. I have to reboot it.

The Odroid C2 is an old SBC and not maintained anymore so I cannot even try a more recent version of kodi. I’ll try with an other SD card see if something ends up.

Thanks for you help

This is compatible with the hypothesis of a failure in the SD card. If there is an i/o error, the filesystem is completely silent as the firmware does not report any problem. Sudden crashes or freezes is the common sign of nand flash cells failing in the SD card.

My last test shows that even a NFS server in LAN does not work on it where as it works on an other computer with kodi and ubuntu.

I’ll close the issue since it seems not related to ipfire finally.

Thanks for all the help !