New user questions - IPS, URL filter, DNS issues


Today I opened up an APU2e5, installed IPFire 2.27 - Core Update 162, and set up on my network. Everything went smoothly, including connecting to my ISP, until I wanted to set up URL filtering and enable the IPS.

I am very new, so these questions reflect my ignorance. I was unable to either find or understand the answers in the wiki.

IPS: There is no option to enable. How do I enable?

URL filtering: I have enabled URL filter in WebProxy, uploaded Shallalist blacklist but I get an error message on the top of the page telling me I need to enable it in WebProxy (even though I already have.) Filtering is not working.

DNS servers: My ISP provided DNS servers are listed on the settings page, however, they are identified as broken. They are working however, because I can resolve domain addresses. I don’t understand how or why they are listed as broken.

Sorry for my extreme ignorance and thank you to anyone who might have the patience to reply with any and all answers or guidance.


Let’s start with the DNS first - it is the most important to get working!

Read through this:

-and here-

there will be a pop quiz shortly!

After that, let’s pick a known working DNS. I’d strongly suggest picking Quad9 ( or CloudFlare ( for a short term DNS server. Once we make sure all is working then you can pick something you prefer.

Eventually you should pick a server from here:


URLFilter: This must be enabled on the WebProxy page. WebProxy must be enabled, too.

IPS: I suppose this can be started, if there are rules present. A click on the ‘Save’ button should start the download.

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