New Community Site is Missing Logout

The Person Icon on the top right of the New IPFire Community Site is missing a logout feature.
That appears to mean that you are dependent on the loss of a connection to terminate the session.
But, what if someone else grabs control of the session ? That suggests that the legal user can get blamed for what ever the evil user does. Please add a Logout feature to the new site. Thanks.

I see a Log Out. Click on the Person Icon (top right). Click on your name and it is at the bottom of that list

Hi all,
have recognized that i also need to logout in to get a complete logout otherwise a login into the community portal is done without entering the credentials.



I also do not see a logout button.

Just select your name (gruemaster).

As visible in the screen clip I uploaded, my name is selected. Yet no logout exists. I wouldn’t post a screenshot if it did.

Edit: Ok, now I see what is missing. Normally, when the user clicks on their avatar/username, it lists activities, including logout and profile preferences. This UI is just a little different than most, which adds to the confusion.


Yes I agree that this is confusing, but it is coming from Discourse.

Regarding the logout: You can log out from Discourse, but you will keep your session on If you want to sign back into Discourse you click the login button and as long as you are still logged in in, we have authenticated you and authenticate you to Discourse as well.