Network separation

Hey again!

long time ago I set the
RED on 192.168.x.y in the same Network of the provider Router (192.168.x.a)
GREEN on 192.168.z.o
and BLUE on 192.168.c.d
Now I have the ORANGE an 10.x.x.x

Is there any problem there? I think I should change the network behind the provider (GREEN and BLUE) also to 10.

GREEN 10.y.y.y
BLUE 10.z.z.z

Or is there no problem at all in that configuration?

Best regards

If all networks have a mask of and x != z != c, there should be no problem.
All networks are disjunct with this definition.


yes it’s the case! Why is there the option to make 10.x.x.x? Just for better organizing the VLAN or DMZ?

It matters not.
Nice for ease of identification