Network printers via WLAN

in my green network there is a network printer which can be reached at
How do I get from blue WLAN to the printer?
What do I have to set where.
Thank you for every tip.

Because you dont write much…you can try with Pinhole

New Rule

Source: Standard Networks Blue
Destination address:
Protocol: TCP
Destination Port 9100

Maybe you need more to print. I think its worth to try anyway.

Links for information:

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Or you can setup Client-to-Net configuration (Roadwarrior) OpenVPN from blue workstation to Green network
OpenVPN Configuration

Dont think so. He asked for whole blue not only client to printer. As i said not much information…

Or you can move the printer to the blue – the green could still reach it, right?

Because missing information at the moment is your question not answerable. For example forward is blocked then is the answer no without rules. Or what do you do if the printer have no wifi and the wlan is inside IPF without LAN? You need additional Hardware to connect Lan to wifi. As you see this makes no sense to discuss at the moment without further information.

I was able to solve my problem. It wasn’t that hard.
Create a new rule in firewall rules. All blue are allowed to go to the printer (
That’s it (at least from a Linux laptop).

Windows 10 Laptop is still pending.

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So you choose Protocol: All in your rule?