Netmask of alias IP other than /24

Hi everybody,
I need to revive a thread from December 2020.
I have a /29 network of public IPs for this site.
In the WUI I can only add alias IPs, no netmask for them.
The alias IPs are then configured with a netmask of /24.

Today this fell on my feet, because it breaks routing to neighbouring networks, which are beyond my /29, but within the /24 netmask.

Yes, I can ssh into IPFire and correct this manually, e. g.
ip addr del dev red0 <ip>/24
ip addr add dev red0 <ip>/29

… but I would need to do / script that after every reboot. I would really love to have a reliable and official way for configuring the netmask for my alias IPs. Handlingwise it would be enough, if we could enter the alias IPs as “<IP>/<netmask>” and both - the IP and the netmask - would be visible in the WUI.

Good advice anybody? Or is this homework for the dev team?
I still love IPFire :slight_smile:
All the best

The netmask is derived from the setup of the static red interface. If this is /24, your addresses are from /24.
BTW: a /29 network results in 5 aliases. /29 defines 8 addresses ( 1 network address, 1 broadcast address, 1 gateway ). So having only 4 aliases leaves 1 address in the network not belonging to your device.

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Thank you Bernhard!

That was exactly the clue I needed. And it makes sense this way. I could’nt see that, because I am trapped in my own weird setup :blush:.

Ergo: IpFire does everything right, It’s just me who is a little beside the track.

Thanks for the quick help.

All the best