Neighbors/Local business listed as expired dynamic leases

How could this be? While looking through Current dynamic leases, found neighbors and local business listed as expired leases.

We are all on a locally owned microwave service provider.



OK, think I figured this out. On the 26th around noon, we lost internet capabilities. Provider sent out text saying fiber optic cable was cut for all local providers.

Prior to knowing cable was cut, I was doing a little trouble shooting because my ipFire installation was only a week old and not sure if it was issue. I fired up my old trusty wireless router to test, and still no internet.

When I went to plug wlan cable back into firewall, I plugged it into the wlan port of another wireless router that was configured as a wireless access point. Did not catch this until following day when received text that service was restored. DHCP Server log files correlate this based on time stamps. Real bonehead move. Dan


I am not quite sure if I understood your issue correctly, but having expired DHCP leases is pretty normal: It just means a DHCP client did not refresh its IP lease in time - mostly because it went offline.

No offense intended, but I am pretty confident you did not plug a WLAN cable into your firewall… :smiley:

Thanks, and best regards,
Peter Müller

Thank you for the reply… My issue/concern was that that I had expired leases from neighbors and local businesses showing up in my logs. That should not be.

I expected it was caused because the I had plugged Ethernet cable coming from service provider into WLAN port on a wifi router I converted to an access port. That access point is connected to green nic. Ethernet cable is normally connected to red nic.

Problem started when we lost internet access and was checking system and I made this mistake moving cables around. It ended when I realized my mistake and returned providers incoming Ethernet cable to red nic.

Review of log files support this.

Thanks, Dan