Need Help to Set Up VPN for the First Time

Can someone provide, or point to, basic, new-user friendly, instructions on how to set up and use the IPFire VPN?

I have never set up a VPN before. I’m running IPFire on a small home network. The old PC which IPFire is running on has plenty of spare CPU and memory capacity. I want to use the VPN while using iOS or PC devices via remote, public, unsecured WiFi at cafes, hotels, etc.

From my notes:

Services > Dynamic DNS

Service: hostname: your-public-name

Services > OpenVPN > Generate root certificates

name=ipfire, hostname=your-public-name, dept=IT, city=Phoenix, state=AZ, country=US
DHsize=2048 … root certificate done, enable OpenVPN on RED, Start openVPN server; green.

On connection status, click add, connection type as is, click add. Enter name: pavlos
Go to Generate certificate, hostname=your-public-name, org=IT, city=Phoenix, state=AZ, Country=US, valid 730 days, pk12=your-password, click on redirect gateway then save. It generates a certificate without errors shown on the previous screen. Download zip ( and test.

NOTE: Openvpn server, Advanced Options … set domain your-domain and DNS to ipfire-ip
This way, I can resolve hosts by name when I openvpn home from a coffee shop.

Adjust dept, city, state, country as necessary.

Are you looking for a specific VPN like OpenVPN or IPSec? Or just learning?

IPSec is super simple on an iOS device or on a Mac laptop. See:

I don’t know the PC side so I cannot comment.

OpenVPN is also simple. But it needs a small app added to an iOS device or to a PC.

Paul and Jon: Thank you! I’ll work with that info this week and see if I succeed.

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