Nano add-on legitimacy (cu > 166)

Hi All,

Since Nano (v. 6.3) has been integrated into the core (cu 167), shouldn’t the Nano (v. 6.1) add-on be removed?

If installed, the Nano add-on removes the Nano’s core version… Thus, only the add-on version remains…

Steps to reproduce :

  • Fresh install of IPfire (cu =>167) > Nano v. 6.3
  • Install the Nano’s add-on > v. 6.1
  • Uninstall Nano’s add-on > no more Nano
  • Reinstall Nano’s add-on > “Internal system error” then done (v. 6.1)

Ok, the purists will say: “You just have to use vim like the pros…!” - Yes it’s true ! lol

For all, have a great summer !

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It will be still there for people running core <167. Otherwise you can’t get nano via pakfire anymore. But you’re right. The addon shouldn’t show up in the list with core >=167 installed.


Hi Steph,

Thank you! It is good to have reminders!

@ms - Is it a good time to remove the nano add-on?

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Erm yes, I can do that. People should have upgraded to at least c167 by now.


… or the impossibility of installing the add-on (for eg. Nano) in the next updates when it is already part of the core (specifically when the version is more recent).

But I realize that’s a whole other question.

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