My Website do not open

I have a problem
please, help me

Hi @suheri

The page opens up well for me. Won’t you have any blockage by country or something?

What range of IP in the Green do you have? Is it not one of public rank that matches that of the Web?

Is rare.

You can check your website with this tool:


Hi @roberto
I Have IP in the Green /30 Only 2 IP Address
and I use IP Public. I had been check website tool and it’s no problem.
what is the influence on the IP green range

Thanks Be Four

Hello again

For example, I have a client whose is defined as the internal LAN range. I know it’s not right, but this comes from afar.

The problem is that this IP is a public rank that corresponds to Turkey and if you try to access a Turkish web page (already happened to them) that is of that range, the request will not leave the company, since the IPFire will think it is a internal request

To see if your IP is public, you can use

This may not be your problem.


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Hello bro @roberto thanks a lot
now my website had can acces.
I’m sorry, my speack english not good.:grinning:

I’m glad it has been solved.

Don’t worry about your English, I’m with Google Translator :grin:

Here we are to help us in whatever we can. If you have any problem related to IPFire, do not hesitate to ask.

Greetings and have a nice day.