Multiple green networks

Good day
Currently running IPFire 2.25 - Core Update 142 with 3 nics

Green: DHCP
Blue: DHCP (Guest WiFI)

Looking to expand the configuration by replacing the green nic with an Intel quad port and one switch for each port so that it would look something like this:

Green1: DHCP - Used for local servers
Green2: DHCP - Used for local wired laptops/desktops
Green3: DHCP - Used in conjunction with a Cisco 5508 wireless controller and 3 APs all using the same SSID.
Green4: DHCP - TBD!!!

Blue: DHCP - Moved from the old

Few questions before and make the jump…

  1. Would I use the Zone Configuration for setting up the “new” green? Would I setup all 4 to defult-native, default-vlan or bridge-XX?
  2. How do I ensure that the 4 Green can talk among each other?
  3. Will the DHCP configuration allow me to manage all 4 or just one?
  4. I currently have IPSEC implemented to connect 2 locations. How will I have to modify IPSEC so that the remote location will have access to all 4 Green? Currently the local subnet on location A is set to Would I just change it to and make the same changes to the “remote subnet” on the remote site?
  5. I am also running OpenVPN to allow me to connect to Location A using my cell while on the road. How would I have to modify OpenVPN to allow me to access all 4 green? Would I add a 4 entries in the Routes box under the “Advanced Server Options”? Or again a single one like

Sorry for the long list of questions

Why so many GREEN Zones?
Why don’t use the Cisco on Blue Zone?