Moving to ipfire with pppoe and iptv on vlans

Hi all,
Some time ago I ditched the router (which includes an ONT) supplied by my ISP and got a compatible ONT off Ebay so I could setup my internet access on a opnsense machine and currently everything is working fine. But, for several reasons -basically problems related to pppoe performance on freebsd-, I am now planning on moving to ipfire.

My ISP uses pppoe and vlans. I have seen that in Ipfire I can choose vdsl as connection type for RED and specify the vlan number for internet and also the vlan number for iptv if I install the igmp proxy addon.

What I don’t know is if I can manage to get the other stuff I need to make internet + IPTV work in ipfire:

.- In opnsense I can create a new interface and assign it to the appropriate IPTV vlan (2) on my WAN interface. Can I do that in ipfire? Would that interface be RED.2?
.- I use a type binat one to one nat rule between the IPTV network and my LAN. In Ipfire…?
.- I installed the oss-frr plugin in opnsense to provide type 2 RIP routing. Can I do something similar in Ipfire?

Thanks in advance :wink:

I pretty much followed the wiki instructions, and everything worked out right away for me. I think question 2 and 3 are stuff that concern pfsense, I believe they do not apply to IPFire. In my case, I did not need vlan tagging therefore the interface for me was red0 but as stated in the document I linked, you can use vlan tagging.

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If igmpproxy is installed and the system configured to vdsl IPFire create a red interface with two vlan subinterfaces. (i use default vlan 7 and 8 in the examople.) red0.7 for pppoe and red0.8 with dhcp for igmpproxy.

The igmp group abo handling should managed by igmpproxy and its config.
Not sure if NAT or oss-frr are working on IPFire. I have never need it.

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