Monitoring UPS via USB

for the IPFire, the 3 downstream switches, BMZ and telephone system I have provided a small UPS.

I would like to monitor the UPS ( APC-SMART-UPS 750 [ SUA750I ]) with the IPFire.
Therefore I would like to know if there is something for this.

Thank you.

Have you read the IPFire wiki pages?



Arrrrg I completely missed the apcupsd in Pakfire.

But I currently have another problem with the UPS here the USB port is DEAD.
So let’s postpone the topic for now to later.

The NUT seems to me with quite a lot of manual work to be connected.

I have installed apcupsd only once.
It has its own interface which is not integrated into IPFire,
so a configuration is only possible locally or SSH.