Monitor red connection

Hello All,
basically, I would like to see how stable is my red connection.
I run ipfire on three sites, all linked on VPN.
I plan to put up a service that needs to talk to the other end of OpenVPN.
I would like to check how frequently the red connection drops (if ever) to see how stable the service could be.
I am sure Ipfire can give me that info…
Any advice?

In the WUI, /Status/network(other)/gateway tells you the latency; to investigate drops of connectivity, a pretty generic search would be:

grep red0: /var/log/messages

maybe you can refine it, e.g.

grep "red0: waiting for carrier" /var/log/messages

counting for the whole logs

zgrep "red0: waiting for carrier" /var/log/messages* |  wc -l

counting how many occurance for each log file

zgrep -c "red0: waiting for carrier" /var/log/messages* 

that’s it! thank you very much!