Making Backup ISO

I am keen to make a backup iso of my current ipfire installation, which I can use a windows ISO writer (like Rufus) to write back to the SSD using a USB to SSD adaptor, in the event of a system failure.

Does the built-in ISO backup option ( achieve this, or do I need to approach this in a different way?

In short, I want to create an ISO of the existing ipfire install as a complete image of the bootable installation, that I can then put on another disc to use in an emergency, or store as a backup somewhere to “burn” back to the SSD at a later date.


Yes you have the option to make a ISO file with you can download and burn to disk.
And a Zip file of your back up works too.
If you use the ISO to move to other hardware.
You will have to run the Setup program to set up your NIC cards.
Or use the ipfire latest ISO run setup. And use your backup zip to restore.
Hope that helps.

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Where is the location of the back up file ? When i pressed back up button on web GUI it doesn’t do anything and just go back to the back up page.