Make and Install command for Duo Security Add-On

Good day,

Please note that I am trying to install the Duo 2FA authentication add-on, onto IPFire using the following command: make && sudo make install. However each time I run it, it stats that it cannot find the make cc comand. When I then amend the Makefile within the Duo security installation pack to gcc, I then get a bit further but I then get a message to say that the -fPIC command cannot be found.

Can anyone advise if there is an add-on that could assist in overcoming the error related to the make cc command? or if there is syntax, I can use to replace the -fPIC syntax?

Hi @thato ,

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You can not carry out the compile and build process on your actual IPFire firewall. There are no compilers or related tools on the firewall system.

You need to set up a separate build system. The following link shows you how to build an addon and how to install it into your IPFire system. Near the start of the page it also has a link to the requirements for the build system.

Good day @Albert, thank you for your response in this regard, it is much appreciated and noted also I will ensure to go through the reference link sent through.