Lost network configuration

i still have a problem that i can’t understand what happened.
I have an installation of IPFire ver 2.25 core 155
configured with three networks (red + green + blue) everything worked fine, at night I perform a system reboot in the morning I found the device not working, with this error.

I thought it was the wifi card that had problems and replaced it with another one I had in the house.

but even with the new card it has the same error.

I bypassed the error and went into setup to assign the new macaddress to the blue network.

but with great surprise all the cards had not associated his card, I proceeded to reassign the correct network cards and I also assigned the new mac address to the blue network

but anyway when I restart I always get the same error
What could it be

even if I disable the blue card it presents me with the same error

Maybe search through the IPFire Community. There are a few other with issues. Not sure if this will help.