Logs on SD-Card?

Hi, I was just wondering if it is smart to have all the ipfire logfiles written to the sd card.
Usually I would say that this is a bad idea, since that would reduce the lifetime of the sd card dramatically.
Maybe ipfire has uses something like Log2Ram to reduces flushes? Or would it be a good advice to use a syslog server for that?

No it is not a good idea to run IPFire on a SD-Card. If your hardware supports it you should use a hdd or ssd (that use wear leveling in hardware)

If you are forced to use a sd-card or usb stick use the flashimage because here is the ext4 journaling is disabled. And aways have a second copy of the card. (I have used a Sandisk Ultra 16GB Card on a NanoPi more than a year without problems.)

I have a PC Engines APU. I think they come default with a sd-card with pre-installed ipfire.
Did some experience any problems here with the log files over time?

I’m aware about the Industrial Grade Compact Flash cards, which should manage a bit better the wear. Is the same for SD and MicroSD cards?

Then your box are not from Lightning Wire Labs. This boxes are equipped with mSATA SSDs.