Location Block not correct


we have the Problem that the Starlink IP adresses from time to time are blocked by the location block.
For Example 188.95.144.x is suddenly blocked. But I can see that customer.fra1.mc.starlinkisp.net is Frankfurt.
I stopped the Location Block and it worked. Only Germany is allowed.
I have three questions: where can I see that the location block did this? Where does the wrong data come from?
And how can it be fixed?

Thank You in advance!


the IP network in question is still flagged as being located in Germany.

However, since the location database generated on Thu, 18th November 2021, the entire Autonomous System 36492 is also tagged as being a satellite provider. This was due to a user report - please refer to bug #12723 for further details.

[root@maverick ~]# location version
Wed, 01 Dec 2021 05:59:49 GMT
[root@maverick ~]# location lookup
  Network                 :
  Country                 : Germany
  Autonomous System       : AS36492 - GOOGLEWIFI
  Satellite Provider      : yes

At the time of writing, this might have been a bit overcredulous, since AS36492 announces many IP networks, and a decent amount of them appears to be used for providing internet connectivity to satellite internet users. However, Starlink also offers fixed line connections, but does not document which IP network is used for which connection type. :expressionless:

“Special” flags (i. e. anonymous proxy, satellite network, anycast network) always have priority over the actual country code, to make selective firewalling/blocking possible. You can fix this by allowing “A2” (satellite providers) in your location block configuration as well.

Where can I see that the location block did this?

You can’t: The sole purpose of the location filter is to reduce log noise by silently dropping traffic from certain countries. It does not really have a security functionality - unfortunately, this is a common misunderstanding.

Where does the wrong data come from?

This commit.

And how can it be fixed?

See above.

Thanks, and best regards,
Peter Müller

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Thank You very much.
That was really a profound answer!

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Always at your service… :slight_smile:

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