Lm-sensors version update?


I just realized that the sensors version is quite outdated:

**sensors version 3.4.0 with libsensors version 3.4.0** (**2015**-06-25)

and it does not support the IT8987D chip

It is supported since version 3.5.0 (2018-11-23)

Are there any plans to update the prog, PLEASE?!

Cheers, Stephan

I just saw an open issue on github… dunno if it is really supported,yet. Though it’s stated in the changes

Nevertheless an up-to-date version would be nice :wink:



Hi @stepe,

I have added it to the list of updates that I am going to work on shortly.
Presuming no problems it should get into Core Update 156.


@bonnietwin , nice! :slight_smile:

I’m running sys-apps/lm-sensors-3.6.0:0/5.0.0 (Gentoo) without any problems at all on my (admittedly older) workstations / servers.

Hi @stepe and @manfred_knick

lm_sensors-3.6.0 built without any problems but the collectd would not build properly. It looks like there is a library mismatch between what the latest lm_sensors is using and what the version of collectd that is being used in IPFire is using.

So an updated lm_sensors will not be in Core Update 156.

I am working with the core devs to find out if there is a patch solution to collectd that will enable me to build everything successfully.
Updating collectd is not an easy option as it is used to collect all the data that is then provided to create all the graphs that are produced in IPFire.
The structure of the data collection in the updated collectd changed significantly so updating it would then also require major changes in many parts of IPFire.
Hopefully we will be able to find a simple patch to the existing collectd to make it work with the latest lm_sensors.

Will keep you updated when I know more.


Hi @stepe and @manfred_knick

With a suggestion from Michael Tremer for a patch for collectd I was able to successfully build the new version of lm_sensors together with the current version of collectd.

The patch has been submitted to the dev mailing list and it is in patchwork waiting for review. Presuming no issues are highlighted then it will be in Core Update 157.



Nice, thank You!

@stepe and @manfred_knick

You will be pleased to know that the patch has been accepted and has been merged with the next branch which means it will be part of Core Update 157.