Lcdproc 0.5.9 problem with lcd2usb

After updating to version 168, which also updated lcdproc to 0.5.9, the display no longer works. The display is connected via USB and is addressed via lcd2usb. If you configure it this way and call “/etc/init.d/lcdproc start” the start fails. If you change the driver from lcd2usb to 4bit, for example, the service starts but the display doesn’t work, of course. I would like to try to switch back to version 0.5.7-2, but I don’t know how. Does anyone have an idea or a solution. Greetings Rolf

Am i the only one with this problem?
Nobody an idea?

I would open a bug report. For downgrading, I think you have to treat it as any personalize addon:

Do you have a tip how I can downgrade an addon?
That doesn’t seem to be possible with the package manager pakfire.

As I said, I think you need to build IPFire yourself with the downgraded addon. The link shows the documentation of the wiki to do that. In the forum it has been described many times.I think you should open a bug report and see with the developers if a downgrade for the whole distribution is warranted.

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Bug is set.