Lamobo R1 / Zone configuration


I am using IPFire on a Lamobo R1 for quite some time. Now I saw that in the meantime it is possible to configure zones in the web interface.

The page shows me six (!) ethernet interfaces, eth0…5 and one wifi interface, wlan0. This does not in any way match the Lamobo hardware configuration.

What I currently have is:

  • Red on eth0.11
  • Orange on eth0.12
  • Green on eth0.13

I am using WiFi APs in my green zone. I would like to add the hostapd wifi (wlan0) in bridge mode to the green zone, if possible and I was never able to configure this using the console setup utility. Now seeing that the new configuration option is there I wondered if it is now possible to set up a bridge for green to contain one of the switch ports and the hostapd interface.

Can anyone help to figure out if bridging the virtual (VLAN tagged) switch ports with the wlan interface to one green zone or to figure out what the eth0…5 ports in the web interface mean?

Thank you in advance.