Kernel panic after upgrading to core 159

Hi there.

I upgraded my box, just as I have done so many times.
This time it went wrong.

I get the same error all the time.
I tried reinstalling 157 and upgrading again.
Same error.
I tried a fresh install of 159, everything seems OK, until I do the first reboot after the install setup guide.
Same error.

I had to reinstall 157 and resist the urge to upgrade…
The box is now running 157 without issues.

Can anyone tell me what happens?

Best regards


thank you for reporting this.

Another user reported a kernel crash in this thread, but the Fireinfo profile differs from yours, so I don’t think your issue is related. :expressionless:

Perhaps @arne_f has an idea about what to do…

Thanks, and best regards,
Peter Müller

Yeah, I noticed that threat, but after I posted mine.

When I saw the thread, I figured “That is exactly the same problem”. But I’m no expert :slight_smile:

Best regards