Just a little missbehaving in ssh after 152 update

I had a little problem after updating from 151 to 152. After the update there was no hint like it always was there that tells me to restart the system. You know this message in the footer telling you that a restart is pending.
So I did not restart :wink:
Everything works fine and I could ping my webserver in the dns from the green area.
But ssh was not working. I started tcpdump on the webserver to see, if there is traffic arriving, but it did not (no ssh traffic, but ping traffic!). So I decided to restart ipfire and see… ssh is working.
I wrote this down here just to see, if anybody else has observed this behavior.

the ssh deamon was updated by core152. If there is a running ssh session while update ssh cannot restarted and fails. This was the reason why core152 need a reboot to get completed in this case.

Thanks Arne.F. The Problem for me was that I missed the footer message, that a restart is pending and I have not that deep knowledge to decide, if it is required anyway. My Ubuntu system often does updates and did not require an update. That is one of the main pros of Linux. So I thought that ipfire update 152 does not need a reboot either. So main question here is, why was this pending restart message missing. But there is no need to dig deeper into this problem, no need to fix this at all. You do a great job and I will donate in a short distance. I use ipfire since a half year now.

The message was not displayed because normal this update should not require a restart. This fails only if there was a running ssh session while updating and this was not detected by our script.