Is there a way to reset the URL Filter

Is there a way to delete all blacklists ant categories and redownload them again from the default Univ. Toulouse Repo?

Just guessing here but I suspect you could blow away the contents of:


I would wait for input from others before embarking on that path :slightly_smiling_face:

[Edit] You probably would want to blow away the contents of /var/log/squidGuard/ as well.

Good luck,
Charles Brown

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Thanks man
Can anyone confirm that this is the right way todo?
My goal is to reset the url blacklists and reloud them from univ. toulouse

I tried it and it appears to have worked for me. All the old listings from Shalla are gone now. I copied the contents of /var/ipfire/urlfilter/blacklists to …/backup just in case I run into a problem later. Be sure to click on “Update Now” afterwards to redownload the blacklist.

Edit: Actually, now my URL Filter isn’t working at all. I’m still troubleshooting it so I’m not sure if it was this or something else.

Edit 2: Got it working again, although I’m not sure what caused the problem. I redid everything again only this time I unchecked “URL Filter” in the Web Proxy page of the WUI and then ran under /var/ipfire/urlfilter/bin manually since the WUI didn’t seem to be doing the update otherwise. After it finished, I set up my categories and turned URL Filter back on on the Proxy WUI and it was working after that.

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Thanks, that worked for me as well :slight_smile:

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