IPFire with a Celeron J3060

Hello! , I’m thinking about using a mini-pc with a J3060 CPU, would this be enough to handle a gigabit connection? I don’t plan on using any extras (yet) but the firewall. Any review or advice is greatly appreciated.

Hi @zrkd51

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The answer is dependent on many things but I would expect that it probably will, as long as you are not using the IPS (Intrusion Prevention System).

The key bit will be around the Network Adaptors and whether they are passive or active. See the Network Adaptors section in the following wiki link.


I have a similar system but with a J1900 Celeron processor with 4 cores and that supports a gigabit connection from glass fibre with only the firewall running. With IPS running then the throughput is approx halved as IPS is very cpu and memory intensive.
My system has active network adaptors and uses all 4 cores when doing something like a speed test.

You can check this by running htop while running a speedtest. If only one of the two cores is being used then likely you have passive network adaptors. If both cores are being used then they are active.


Hello @bonnietwin ! Thanks for your reply, yes, I’ve been testing different OS for my mini pc, I noticed with Linux based OS, both cores were working , but with FreeBSD based ones, only one core was used.

I will start testing with this distro, thanks for your insight.

I have a Zotac Zbox CA621 Nano. It has an AMD CPU, AMD Ryzen 3 3200U. IPFire is using all the corse since it is not an Intel CPU. It is handling gigabit well even with IPS (Intrusion Prevention System).