Ipfire virtualized on kvm + usb red0 (SOLVED)

Greetings! I just installed IPFire as a virtual FW on a kvm linux server. I passed a usb 1GB ethernet to the vm, so IPFire is using the device directly. It works but the network ingress and egress speeds super slow. I have 1GB up and down fiber from my provider but my download is 12-15mb and upload is 50mb at best. Any ideas on where to start?

I figured it out. So the issue was that I was hosting the ipfire vm on my shared storge, so too many levels for the data to traverse back and forth. I moved the vm disk to the local hypervisor storage and im now seeing up to 700mb throughput. Ideally I’d like to to be higher but thats something else I can look at later.

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