Ipfire Routing to VLANs on switch, no internet

So, I try to do my best to describe the problem in English.
We have set up an HP-switch v1910-48g J009A with Vlans. (There is no Cli only webinterface)
Vlan1/default VLAN, Vlan10, Vlan20, Vlan30, Vlan40
Now, we need the connection from every VLAN to ipfire green, cause there is the gateway to the internet which is on green, but we cannot.
For ipfire we use a APU4D4, with 4 NICs.
We tried everything, trunking, tagging, but we get internet only on the default Vlan1.
We also cannot give away orange and blue, because they are used separately for other connections.

From my understanding, we cannot connect to other vlans 10-40, because for a trunk you need to make virtual interfaces on the trunk port of the router, which is in our case the ipfire green. Is that right?
And we cannot use orange and blue to virtualize interfaces, couse they are in other use.
So, is there another solution?

If someone can help, please no nerdy answers, which I cannot decrypt. :wink:

Hi @soultracer

Welcome to the IPFire community.

IPFire can only have one vlan id on each interface, so green can only respond to one of the vlan networks.

If the green vlan tagging is turned off then it just acts as a native network interface but it only can deal with one subnet so again it will only respond to one of your vlan networks.

IPFire cannot do what you are looking for from the WUI.

I believe that this type of capability will be eventually available on IPFire3.x, the next generation IPFire, but this is still a long way away.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.


Thank you for this answer, that is what I have thought.