IPfire restarts when using all download bandwidth

Hello guys,

I’m having this odd issue with my ipfire installation.

Everytime im using all of my download bandwidth, ipfire reboots on it’s own for some reason. Let’s say if i’m downloading an 8Gb update for a game it will reboot after a couple minutes and it will keep doing that until the download finally gets completed.

I was able to take a picture of the screen showing the error that maybe some one can help me out troubleshooting it.

I’m running the latest version of IP Fire

Thank you

Seems to be an error in the interrupt routine.
Your screen shot doesn’t show the cause, unfortunately. This is output just some lines above.

Which NIC do you use?


I’m using this NIC cards:


This looks indeed like a bug in the driver of one of those NICs.

Any chance you can change the NVIDIA one? The other one is very common and should not be causing this problem.

I may have to get a new NIC since the NVIDIA one is buil-in into the board.

If it is easy for you to (temporarily) replace it, then that is the easiest way to test. It could be other things like power supply which does not provide enough power when the system is under load.

Let’s see if @arne_f has ever heard of this NIC and can confirm if it is a good or bad one :slight_smile:

I have not heard from problems with forcedeth driver in IPFire yet. I have used one long time ago in my storage server (green only).

I also have one in my compile machine but at the moment i cannot test until next year.