IPFire RED-Port as a WLAN-Client?

I use IPFire for serveral months and as a OpenVPN-Server and I am happy with it (and my family…).

I can not find an answer for following question:

Is it possible to connect the RED-Port to an Wireless Nic and use it as a WLan Client?

My use:
Install IpFire on a raspberry Pi (or other mini-computer)
Take it with me and connet to a Wireless Access Point.

I am not the Linux-Profi …


Yes you can do that. That is exactly the way I use my RPI4. Just setup the Red Interface with a wifi NIC. After that you can define WLANs you want to connect to via the web interface.


Thank you for this Informations.

So I’m gona buy one of this raspberry’s…
My first one. I wonder, what I will experience…


What Raspberry model are you guys running?

How does it compare to NanoPi?

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