IPFire on NanoPi R2S + ext. temperature sensor?

Hi guys,
is is possible to run IPFire on a NanoPi R2S and include a environment temperature (or a multi-sensor) sensor like a BME280 Environmental Sensor (BME280 Environmental Sensor - Waveshare Wiki)?
When its possible - how complex is the setup of such a system?
Especially the temp sensor should be read out periodically and log the temp for a certain time - these outputs should also be available over Browser. An automatic email-alarm when the temps to high would be also very useful.

greets & thx


welcome to the IPFire community. :slight_smile:

For use-cases such as this one, the IPFire kernel comes with I2C support, so there should be no general problem to use such sensors.

Also, there is a lightweight internal mail system available in IPFire. Please refer to this wiki page for further information on how to use it.

That being said, I am afraid we cannot provide you with a turn-key-alike solution for your use-case. Also, please keep in mind IPFire is dedicated to be a firewall, not a general-purpose operating system, and we strongly recommend not to use it as one for security reasons.

Thanks, and best regards,
Peter Müller

Thanks for the fast response… i plan to use IPFire as small (1:1) firewalls in front of outdated Windows (or even DOS) based old computers used for university scientific work. Most of the time upgrades to newer Windows versions cost irrational amounts of money because of the special hardware the computers are attached to.
As our AC is very often not working as promised i thought about an easy solution to have also at least something like a temperature and humidity logger… nothing fancy - we are already behind a firewall but the old computers are reachable from the inside of the network… will see what i will find out…:slight_smile:
have a nice day!

The use case is quite different.

Theoretically you can achieve what you’re saying but you will have to do all the hardware and the software work yourself which includes re compiling kernel with the needed sensor driver, working on hardware side with the help of friendlyarms documentation and support on their forum

Adding a sensor and getting it to work reliablely is a long shot and need a lot of trial and error.

Instead I’d advice to use a ble or wifi temp sensor with its dedicated app while not adding anything to ipfire setup.

Good luck