IpFire on HP Compaq dc7100 Pentium IV

Hi, I’m old IpCop user, and after IpCop PC die (more 10 years old) we would like replace with IpFire.
I tried to install last version in HP Compaq dc7100 Pentium IV but next first reboot after installation end PC freeze after the line Starting udev daemon [ok].
Already tried based in old topic to update bios and delete all existing partitions.

Just tried to run from usb stick, same issue. I’m using i586 Legacy IPFire 2.25 - Core Update 149

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I took my HP Compaq dc7800 for recycling early this year and can’t do any comparable testing for you. They would have had much later BIOS anyway.

Have you tried booting a live Linux distribution ? Clonezilla is still produced for i586 and if it produces similar lockup then it could be a BIOS setting issue.

This machine won’t suit IPFIre use. Apart from needing the legacy i586, it will chomp heaps of Watts. Have you identified a planned replacement ?

Hi already tested live gparted and installed IpCop. Both distributions works without problem.
I have old Pentium 3 (I have to replace bad capacitor in mainboard) .

Please use mordern Hardware See also https://blog.ipfire.org/

" Deprecating i586
This release also officially degrades the i586 architecture to a secondary architecture. On the download page, you will already find downloads for that architecture at the bottom of the page.

This is because various security mitigations are not available for i586 and development work on the Linux kernel and other software that IPFire relies on is mainly done for x86_64 or other modern 64 bit architectures. This is a development that we saw coming for a while now, and despite that we will try to keep IPFire available in this architecture.

We urge everyone who’s hardware supports it to update their systems to x86_64. You will see a notification on the web user interface if you are affected."