IPFire Mini-Appliance won't boot

In November-December of 2020 (2+ years ago) I purchased an IPFire Mini Appliance (4 NICs, WiFi, 4GB, AMD GX-412TC @ 1GHz), and did not set it up.

Now (January 2023), I am trying to do the initial setup.

SeaBIOS tells me (repeated every 60 seconds) :

Booting from Hard Disk... Boot failed: not a bootable disk

When I press F10, to access the boot menu, I see:

Select boot device:
  1. AHCI/0: SATA SSD ATA-11 Hard-Disk (15272 MiBytes)

  2. Payload [setup]

  3. Payload [memtest]

Choice 3 runs the memtest utility, choice 2 runs the BIOS setup page.

Choice 1 returns to the “Boot failed: not a bootable disk” loop.

I have the tools to open the case, and could connect the disk to a Ubuntu system, but I’d rather not.

Walt Sullivan

Hello @waltinator - welcome to the IPFire Community!

Download the IPFire ISO image from here:


and move it to an USB thumb drive:

then follow theses steps:

That should get you going in the right direction! Feel free to ask questions!