IPFire Location/Geofeed wrong Location

Hello guys,

Since this last update with the addition of the new library for the geofeed my public IP shown is incorrect.

What i mean with this is that if i go to whatismyip.com or any other website to check my public IP it shows me a random not accurate IP even if i go to https://location.ipfire.org/ it still shows me the wrong public IP.

I’m not in the US and yesteray it was showing me a Cali IP an today is showing me a Miami IP.

Is there a way to fix or disable this option?

Thank you

geofeed is in libloc-0.9.17 but currently the liblock in CU177 and in the git next repository is still libloc-0.9.16

So geofeed has not been released into IPFire yet.

location --version

in CU177 and you will get

location --version
location 0.9.16

There is probably an error in the standard libloc database update that occurs regularly (daily).

Raise this as a bug in IPFire.

If whatismyip.com is also getting it wrong then the problem may be in the whois database or the RIPE systems because those and others are where the libloc database gets its input from.


Thanks for your reply,

I run the location --version and it indeed is showing location 0.9.16

So i guess i just need to wait for the next IPFire update to get it fixed?