IPFire limiting connections to 1Gb/s

My IPFire box has 10GbE ports and I have internet higher than 1Gb/s, however when I installed IPFire said something about limiting bandwidth to 1Gb/s.

I googled but was unable to find any way to reverse this.

Welcome to IPFire.

At which stage of setup did you get the message?
What sort of NICs do you use?

I haven’t seen such a limitation, yet.

I believe it was the first boot after install.

The message was in the diagnostic messages in the bootup sequence.

The NIC is an Intel x550-AT2 chipset dual port 10Gbe.


neither being an expert when it comes to network hardware nor driver/kernel debugging, this very much sounds like a driver issue to me.

Upcoming Core Update 167, which should be available for testing within the next few days, comes with an updated kernel, but it would be a lucky guess to install it and see whether that makes any difference. :slight_smile:

@arne_f: Do you have an idea regarding this problem?

Thanks, and best regards,
Peter Müller

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