IPFire GUI is showing Connection timeout

hi …

i created one firewall in 2017 … it was working fine …

Actually, it is still working fine… only thing is that now ipfire gui is showing me ipfire connection timedout.

port is 444

i have done telnet to the port it is fine.

i have even accessed the server behind the firewall and that is ok as well

only thing is that i am not able to access the gui.

What could be the issue

Welcome Rizwan.

Seems like the web server is not running or blocking you,

I got a couple of questions:

  • Do you have the Guardian addon running?
  • are you able to look up some logs?
  • Was the GUI working before?
  • Anything changed recently, maybe an upgrade?
  • What is the IPFire version right now.
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it was an old version …
GUI was working before
There were no upgrades.
GUI is not working only but policies that were added before are still working as mentioned before that i am able to access the servers which are placed behind firewall

An harddisk fault often result in such state. The webserver crashes but the routing and firewall still works. (until you try to reboot)