IPFire firewall structure

Hi guys, I just learned about the IPFire firewall. I want to learn about the structure of the IPFire firewall. Is there anyone who can help me? I thank you guys


I’m on the same quest, to better understand how the firewall works, so that I can understand how to control it. I’ll be happy to compare notes with you, and my understanding of how it works. I’m no guru, but I’m sure each of us has a different level of understanding of how it works

Before we begin, tell me what you know of what the firewall is and how it works. That will give me a baseline as to your knowledge of it, which will help me know what would be a good starting point for both of us. My belief is that when learning about something, start with the basics and build from there. Are you familiar with the topic of “netfilter” and how it applies to the firewall?


here’s a good (IMO) article explaining firewalls and chains.

You can see the chains defined in Firewall > iptables.
You will see drop lists for iptables, Mangles, and NAT.

Thanks, pavlos! I’ll check it out …