IPFire disconnects from wifi

Hi, I have an HP desktop with IPFire.

I have the red zone setup to use wifi and I use a TP-Link TL-WN881ND Wireless N300 PCI Express Adapter.

I connect to a wifi router in a home.

This has been working great for months. I am really happy with connection speed, and the system has been very stable.

But I moved recently, and I am now connecting to a different wifi router.

Initially IPFire connects well to this router, but after some time (it varies, but typically a few hours) I lose my connection.

When I log into IPFIre it says Connecting…

I have tried to go thru the settings and I dont know if there is anything I shoud change in settings.

I have searched for solutions but haven’t found anything.

Any help to try and prevent these disconnections would be much appreciated.

Thanks ahead of time.

Are the connection losses initiated by IPFire network management functions or by the wireless network?
Wireless is more complex than a solid wired connection ( physical connection depends on wire and connectors only ).

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Hi Bernhard,
Thanks for your response.
To be honest I don’t know how to tell if the connection loss was initiated by IFFire or the wireless network.
I looked thru the menus in IPFire and found the logs but I dont know enough to be able to interpret the logs.
Any further help is much appreciated.

Hi, I was just wondering if anyone may have any suggestions for me to resolve my issue as per my original post above?
Thanks ahead of time…

I did setup IPFire to do a reconnect every 6 hours but that does not seem to help…

This may help others answer your questions… Are you setup like this?

So what usually would be called BLUE became RED and IPFire is a sort of Wireless Bridge?

You could just copy and paste the logs in your post, I think useful one are Logs-System Logs-IPFire

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Hi Jon, thanks for providing that image - that IS exactly my configuration :slight_smile:

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Hi trish,

I dont think it is a unusual reconfiguration of a BLUE to RED or anything like that :slight_smile:

This configuration is documented at Scenario 1 - Wi-Fi (red) and Ethernet (green) - wiki.ipfire.org - # Scenario 1 - Wi-Fi (red) and Ethernet (green) if you want further info on it…


My log at Logs-System Logs-IPFire for today is shown below.

The ConnSched connect events are expected - I have setup Reconnects every 6 hours to try and resolve this issue. (Didnt help).

IPFire was disconnected from the wifi router this morning and so:
07:40:33 ipfire: NTP synchronisation event
May be related.

Any further help is dearly appreciated. Thanks.

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Time Section
00:00:02 ipfire: ConnSched connect
07:40:33 ipfire: NTP synchronisation event
12:00:02 ipfire: ConnSched connect

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